Internet Killed the Radio Star

Streaming radio stations seem to have really taken off over the past few years with the proliferation of broadband. Everything from Russian talk shows to German techno can be pulled up at the click of a button.

And some of it is really good. Here are the stations I listen to most often:

  • KCRW – This station is an awesome NPR outfit out of Santa Monica serving up great tunes across many diferent genres. Check out Nic Harcourt’s Sounds Eclectic, which includes lots of artist interviews and studio performances, and Jason Bentley’s Metropolis for the latest in dance music.
  • Radio Paradise – Another eclectic station run by Bill Goldsmith of Paradise, California. They tend to play a lot of indie stuff, but also throw in some truly original gems you probably won’t hear anywhere else. One of the best run pure-internet stations, it runs a sophisticated automation program — I don’t think I’ve ever heard programming repeat itself.
  • Planetsoul – A deep house channel featuring beautiful deep, soulful streaming mixes.
  • SomaFM – Ambient and downtempo grooves from San Francisco.
  • HouseFM – Live DJs playing lots of funky/deep house tunes.

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