Triple Monitors & Other Workspace Improvements

Almost everyone seems to be intrigued with my workspace setup – consisting of three 19″ Viewsonic panels. Having moved up to 3 monitors (from 2) only a few months ago, I’m already at the stage where I’m thinking of taking on a few more.


OK, just joking.


Or am I?

Triple Monitors

Most modern video cards natively support dual displays, but in order to add more than 2 monitors, you’ll usually have to install another video card. Interestingly enough, my Dell Dimenson desktop has a built-in Intel video card, but I was unable to enable this while running any other cards in the box for multi-display.


With two (or more) video cards in, possibly some tweaking in your BIOS, and some driver installs, it’s a breeze with Windows XP to define your monitor layout and be on your way to multi-monitor mayhem. For an even better experience, consider investing in UltraMon by Realtime Soft, which can provide handy extra control to move around your active windows, stretch your desktop and screensaver, and better organize your toolbar.

French Press

New additions to my workspace include a French Press Travel Mug (for brewing my new drink of choice – Yerba Mate), a mini-dry erase board, a trusty old TI graphing calculator, and of course, a pad of paper.


1 Response to “Triple Monitors & Other Workspace Improvements”

  1. 1 Would like to be anonymous. November 20, 2006 at 1:37 am

    That mug looks interesting.
    I just bought a dry erase board similar to that one.
    And what the heck is Yerba Mate, i’m going to have to check that out.

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