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Turkey Day

There’s that stage in life, as we get older, where somehow things that used to be so new and exciting slowly start to dull and become routine.  I think it must be an inevitable part of growing up, yet it is still something that saddens me a bit and makes me wish I could rewind back earlier memories and relive that youthful joy and amazement.

Thanksgiving somehow lost its lustre for me at some point in time, just as Christmas, birthdays, and other recurring life events had as I got older.

This year, though, I’m really excited.

As I type this on the Amtrak #160 to Boston (via Verizone EV-DO) , I’m trying to remember the last actual Thanksgiving I celebrated with my family at home.  Having lived in England the past few years, Thanksgiving became just another day.  Sometimes I would hold a little celebration with fellow expats, or treat myself to a roast turkey sandwich, but really it became nothing more than a day that came and went with very little thought.

Now, though, I’m really excited to be able to spend this day with my family enjoying the holiday and all the things I missed out on while in England.

Lesson learned – enjoy what you take for granted and don’t let life become boring with routine.


Flying Fast

My Friend Annika is travelling through Northwest Canada and Alaska by seaplane exploring Global Climate Change as part of a video documentary project, Flying Fast. The website has just been launched but will soon feature video clips and updates.  Check it out.