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Flying Fast

My Friend Annika is travelling through Northwest Canada and Alaska by seaplane exploring Global Climate Change as part of a video documentary project, Flying Fast. The website has just been launched but will soon feature video clips and updates.  Check it out.

AOL Searches for Nazi Gold

One of my favorite stories to come out last week revolved around AOL’s search for (neo-)Nazi gold in a quiet Boston suburb – Medfield, MA.

AOL plans to dig around Hawke’s parents’ house in Medfield, contending that Hawke buried gold and platinum bars there. AOL is trying to collect a $12.8 million judgment the company won against Hawke last year when a federal judge found that Hawke’s online pill and trinket business violated state and federal laws against spam.

Boston Globe, August 17th

I graduated Medfield High School in 1998 (I do not know the spammer, though, he graduated from neighboring Westwood) and my parents live a few streets over from the loot. Time to get the shovel…