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So, I’ve made the shift (back) to – 5 years after using it to originally power this site. Back then is was slow as molasses, had only a thimbleful of features, and the prospect of a future buyout by Google would have seemed completely unpredictable.

It’s nice to be back.

This site has always been an experiment of sorts – an early test site for posting camera phone pics on the go, an effort to make a “web consciousness” (somewhat inspired by Coupland’s Microserfs), and an idea I’m now too embarassed to even discuss, “the internet stupid stick.”

So, needless to say, this little corner of the web has always been well off the beaten path. Though, there was a while when I received a ridiculous amount of traffic from Google after having mispelt “irritable bowel syndrome.” Funny how the web works, sometimes.

Now then, the new mission for this site is simple. A little place to post the occasional thought, link, or hair-brained idea. Less experimental, more mental. Welcome!